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What if your life were truly your own?


woman with outstretched arms Dare to thrive, not just survive!

Are you committed to wholehearted living, yet struggling to make it a reality?

Perhaps it's time to have the audacity to count yourself into your happiness equation!  

It is NOT being selfish to do this; it is taking responsibility for what matters most to you....the people in your life, your interests & passions, your work, & YOU!  It may seem contradictory, yet taking the time to nourish & grow yourself will reap benefits not only for you, but for those around you.  As you tap into your inner wisdom & uncover who you really are at your core, discover what's getting in the way of fully igniting your passion, you will discover confidence, joy, & new meaning in your life.  You will bring all of who you are to who & what is most important in your life.

This may sound simple, yet we are creatures of habit.  Habits are built up over the course of our lifetime; in order to bust them up & create new ones that will serve us better, we need to become aware of what is not serving us, make a commitment to do something different, & practice those new behaviors!  It is not will power that changes habits....it is practice. 

"We can't solve problems by using the same kind of thinking we used when we created them."  Albert Einstein

"The future depends on what we do in the present."  Mahatma Gandhi

So we must choose to take on something new, to create new opportunities for joy & meaning that, in the end, will result in a new found way of being that will far outweigh the risks.  There is no time  like NOW to step outside of your comfort zone & get a new perspective.....then put it into practice.  And, it will take practice.....so, let's get started.  

In this 10-week group coaching program, you will:

  • Learn that you are not alone!
  • Re-discover and learn to love all of who you are (essence, strengths, values, dreams, fears), & explore how to live true to YOU.
  • Make time for YOU to nourish & rejuvenate; then to ignite your passions.
  • Explore what Extraordinary Well-Being is & what impact it can have on all aspects of your life.
  • Identify & bust up old habits & create new healthy behaviors, letting go of what's holding you back.
  • Increase your personal power, looking at language, intentions, integrity, boundaries, power leaks, being responsible versus being victim.
  • Build your resilience, by strengthening your foundation, accessing your inner wisdom,  learning from mistakes, letting go of 'shoulds', loving yourself.
  • Open possibilities through forgiveness, gratitude, appreciation,  completion (letting go of the past), mindfulness, presence.
  • Create what's next for you with power, confidence & clarity.
  • Re-define success in your own terms.
  • And.....much, much more.

You will explore key concepts & distinctions that will help you:

  • Access your inner wisdom.
  • Increase your confidence in who you are, what you want, what you contribute, rediscovering all of who you are.
  • Identify & bust up old habits that don't serve you anymore & create new healthy behaviors.
  • Increase your energy, vitality, personal & professional effectiveness; strengthen relationships, & increase your sense of wholeness.
  • Build resilience & experience happiness for no reason.
  • Create wholehearted balance in your life.
  • Find the courage to dream & take action to expand meaning, integrity & joy.

How the program works: 

This program consists of 10 weekly in-person group coaching sessions as follows:

Dates:  tbd

Time:  tbd

Location:  tbd

Cost:  tbd for full 10-week program.

Early Bird Special$50 Early Bird Discount if register and pay in full by tbd date.

Payment may be made  either by check (preferred) or PayPal - see "How to Enroll" below.

Extra      BONUS:

Nutrition expert, Bridget Nichols, MS, RD, Nutrition Coach at Arivale, and body/mind/spirit expert, Tamara Gillest MS, RYT 500 IAYT, BendNMove, will present specific topics during portions of the 10-week program. More about our invited guests .....



It is importan100 Perxcent Satisfaction Guaranteet to me that my clients experience benefit from our time together.  If, after the first 3 sessions, you determine that the structure or content of the group coaching program is not working for you, and you have fully participated by showing up for the sessions & doing the work in between sessions, I will fully refund the money that you have paid up until that point & will not invoice you further.  I do ask that you have a conversation with me to discuss what is not working for you, so we can consider whether or not changes can be made prior to requesting a refund.

How to Enroll:

If you decide that this program is for you, simply let me know via email at coachbea@beahughes.com  to let me know which payment option you prefer and I will set you up as a client with a private client web area.  I will send you an agreement and invoice for payment.

There are several options available for you to pay for the program:

1.  One-time fee $tbd, (Less $50 early bird discount if you register and pay in full by tbd); you may pay one of two ways:

  • To pay by check, let me know via email at coachbea.@beahughes.com  that you prefer to pay by check and I will send you an invoice.
  • To pay using PayPal:  Select the "One time payment via PayPal" button below and you will be redirected to pay via PayPal.

2.  Payment in monthly installments (tbd).  Contact me at coachbea@beahughes.com to discuss options and make arrangements.

Checks should be payable to:

At One Coaching, Bea Hughes
3234 61st Ave SW
Seattle, WA  98116

Once you Enroll or send  me an email indicating your intent to enroll,  you will receive a confirmation email, with enrollment forms to be completed prior to the first session.

Click here to view the Coaching Agreement.

And, at any time, you may send me an email if you have questions or would like further information.

This Group Coaching Program will open new doors to exciting opportunities!  

Let's get started now!


Email coachbea@beahughes.com OR select the button below:



What Clients Are Saying

Clients from Prior Groups:

"Highly recommend!!  A gentle, nurturing course with laughs & tears.  I achieved much more than I thought I would without stress & overwhelm.  A powerful delight!  Take the course!"

Wendy S., Small Business Owner

"From many sources, there is a high volume of materials available to read on our own, and Bea Hughes has selected some gems to complement the integrative lessons she has created.  I found benefit from both her individual and group programs - and recommend both.  With a group, I discovered there are many life experiences we share, and with the individual program I was able to advance personally faster than I would otherwise, in ways I may have never otherwise."

Carol M, Professional in Transition


"Before I can make time for others, I must make time for myself."

Tracy P., Professional Wife & Mother


"Bea is a good teacher, kind, compassionate, intuitive, and gentle.  The materials are good."

Prefers to remain anonymous

       "Bea has an amazing way of helping to identify what it is your life needs to be more complete and fulfilling.  She helps to move you forward when in a state of impasse - being stuck is no fun.  Take Bea's class and get the fun back in your life!"

Kandie J., Parent, Small Business Owner

       "My essence work has been the thing that I have taken the most out of.  I also received so much support, guidance, and understanding from the group every week.  Hearing everyone come together and the similarities in our stories was very empowering.  I received so much value for myself, my life, and my goals and I think that is important for everyone to have instilled within them.   So I would recommend the program to everyone!"

Jama G., Professional in Transition

     "Accountability is a transformational action. Experience exquisite transformation in a profoundly supportive, informational session."                                

Marcia L., Parent, Professional in Transition

      “I had previously experienced how powerful coaching is and I joined the group to gain clarity around what well-being is in the context of my work life.  Participating in the group created the time to focus on my own well-being and to identify how I was self-sabotaging myself by not being intentional about how I used my time.  I loved the group because listening to others helped me to see that I was not alone in the challenges I was dealing with.

            As a result of the group, I am much more purposeful in how I use my time during my workday and I frequently create a “Top 6” list to be clear about my priorities.  In addition, I now build in the activities that create balance for me, such as exercise and taking a real lunch break.  A key take-away was a simple, powerful affirmation “I am enough.”  This reminds me that I don’t need to be superwoman in what I achieve every day.”

Bridget N., Small Business Owner


            “I came to the group to experience a new way to look at my life.  The reaction that I received from the group of my comments made me feel good and gave me validation.  As a new small business owner, I was able to recognize and take on multiple opportunities with a new attitude of “let’s see what happens if I try this?”

            As many other ‘baby boomers’, I had hit a wall with my employment and needed to reinvent myself as my self-esteem and confidence took hit after hit.  Bea Hughes’ specialized coaching were exactly what I needed, exactly when I needed it, and mostly she helped me really recognize and appreciate my true talents.  She also helped me to laugh at my short-comings, which were much fewer in number than my reality was telling me.  I cannot thank Bea enough for the windows she has helped me open once again. Gratitude and joy are friends now.”

Sally F., Artist & Small Business Owner

            “I came to a previous group because of my experience with Bea as a one-on-one coach.  This was an affordable way to continue my work with her.  It also allowed me to get to know other women, be reflected in their eyes, and to learn from their situations and experiences.  Any exposure to ways of coping with any circumstances helps me learn better techniques for coping in my life.  And everyone brings gifts and challenges to the group.  For me, watching the ways that Bea approaches issues helps me develop better ways of approaching situations in my life.

            I find Bea to be unfailingly kind and generous, but she deals with issues as presented – constructively, thoughtfully, without minimizing or losing focus.  She is focused, always on point with her thoughts and observations.  She meets each person where they are, with kindness and no judgment.  She works with them to develop reasonable strategies that each individual can incorporate – not simply a one-size-fits-all ‘ideal’ solution.

            The difference I have noticed from working with Bea, both one-on-one and in the group, is that I have made noticeable progress in many areas that brought me to her originally.  I couldn’t conceive of doing something to reward myself, and now I am able to appreciate and recognize/acknowledge myself with rewards that are meaningful to me.  I treat myself better and make myself a greater priority.  I am much happier and am living my life in accordance to my beliefs, and not just because I’ve always done it this way or because “I should”.  What had worked in the past doesn’t necessarily work at this stage in my life, and I now know I have the liberty to do things differently.

            I have achieved a couple of long-term goals that Bea and I identified together.  One is a dream I’ve held for more than 50 years!  And, I left the job that created so much misery for me, and which prompted me to seek Bea’s counsel.  I was able to identify many criteria that I needed in a job, many of which were different from what I’d used in the past.  I now have a job that meets all of those criteria, plus extra bonuses, and I look forward to going to work every day in a fulfilling job that allows wonderful balance in my life.  I am currently making progress towards other goals we identified together.

            I’m very happy to have worked with Bea and that I was able to make these changes.  Thank you, Bea!”

Nancy R., Health Care Professional














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