Courage, Risks & Rewards On-Line Coaching Program


Courage, Risks and RewardsLife is all about choices.

The decision to leap into something new and different can be both terrifying and thrilling.

Taking chances always comes with feelings of apprehension, and can make us feel like we are in a win or lose, succeed or fail, do or die situation. 


But we must remember that taking chances can also offer significant rewards. 

So we must choose to take chances and create opportunities for happiness and fulfillment that, in the end, far outweigh the risks.  And, as is the case with most things in life, even taking chances requires understanding and practice.

In this on-line individual self-study coaching program, you will discover:

  • The most crippling habits you have…and how to eliminate them.
  • How you can stop sabotaging yourself right now and start reaping greater rewards.
  • The top pitfalls people face when confronted by the unknown…and how you can avoid them.
  • A new perspective on risk that will have you embracing it with optimism and hope, instead of fear and dread.
  • The #1 thing that separates those who accomplish their dreams from those who live with regret.
  • How to instantly shift your perspective, time after time, to take more empowering chances and make more empowering choices.
  • And much, much more.

You will explore 5 key areas that will help you:

  • Find the courage to take new risks and reap great rewards.
  • Examine the concept of risk and break it into specific, manageable steps.
  • Explore why we avoid risks.
  • Look at risk from different perspectives.
  • Explore how the rewards for taking chances far outweigh the costs


How the course works: 

If you decide that this course is for you, simply select the "Buy" button below.  The one-time fee for the entire 5-part on-line course is $97.00 USD.

Once you sign up, you will receive access to all 5 modules of this on-line course.  It is designed for you to complete each module in order; however, it is not required that you complete them in order.  You may select any module at any time.  And, you may proceed at your own pace. 

This course is intended to be a self-study program and it is designed for you to receive coaching from me along the way.  When you enter your responses, you can save them to complete at a later time.  Once you have completed your responses, you can save and send them to me.  At which time, I will have the opportunity to provide coaching to you.  

And, at any time, you may send me an email if you have questions or would like further information.

This course will open new doors to exciting opportunities!  Get started now!



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