Exhale & Move Forward with Clarity & Confidence...Now.

A gentle yet comprehensive approach to restoring balance to your life...both personally & professionally...with life coaching, personal development, and career planning via Skype, phone or in-person.

Your professional life coach, Bea Hughes, knows you can achieve the thriving life you want and deserve. 

Ready for a Coach who guides you to:

  • Gain access to & utilize your core strengths?

  • Step completely out of overwhelm and into wholehearted balance?

  • Integrate essential positive habits and create continued success?

  • Build resilience & "staying power" in all aspects of your life?
  • Create the life you want?

Achieve more, stress less...with Bea Hughes

What is fundamental to a person's happiness and success?  With less stress?

At One Coaching believes it is Personal Well-Being, which includes physical, mental, emotional and spiritual wellness.

Whether you're experiencing life changes, transitions, a pervasive "stuck" feeling or a sense of being out of balance, the right coach will help you explore and plan...then guide, cheer and reflect your progress.

And you will have progress.


A life well lived - by your standards - is worth creating.

Isn't it time for you to activate, rejuvenate and thrive?


Let's schedule a discovery session to see how coaching can support you.



What Client's Are Saying:

"Coaching with Bea Hughes has made a huge difference in my life as an artist and business person.  Bea has helped me to identify and speak up about what is most important in my life, and to take action.  She is kind and sensitive and she constantly challenges me to expand my world.  I am grateful for this opportunity to work with her."
Jeanne W., Professional Artist, Small Business Owner
"As a small business owner and the father of two sons, I have ambitious goals, both personal and professional. Many days, I would feel "stuck" and sometimes overwhelmed with how to reach these goals.  
Working with Bea, we reviewed in detail the goals and my motivation for having them.  By listening carefully and by asking the right questions, Bea helped me to gain clarity on why I wasn't making much progress.  During our meetings, Bea helped me to develop specific steps and strategies to achieve these goals.  
I am glad to say that i no longer feel "stuck" and am making tangible progress towards accomplishing my goals as a result of Bea's insight and experience.  For anyone facing the daunting challenge of a life change or career change, I can highly recommend working with Bea to move forward and make things happen."
G.L.S., Small Business Owner, Seattle, WA


"Coaching is not just for a few weeks; it's like learning a sport or taking voice lessons...it takes time to develop the skills. We cannot hear our own voices and we need someone to articulate what they hear.

When I think about my life as being my most precious commodity, trusting a life coach to support me to live my best life simply makes sense. 

For over a year now, I've met with Bea on a weekly basis. She acknowledges my successes both big and small. She challenges me to think beyond what I already know and see.  My life is filled with satisfaction, confidence, and plans both for now and in the future. Our coaching helps me crystalize my goals, create plans, and take action to realize them. Bea provides consistent and thoughtful feedback, guidance, and advice abundant with wisdom, intelligence, and grace.

I am a very private person; yet, with great confidence and confidentiality, I trust her with my most personal concerns and ambitions.  I trust her with my life. For me, Bea's coaching is life-changing, life-enhancing, and life-saving."

Jane H., Writer





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